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  1. ACM MM
    Exploiting BERT for Multimodal Target Sentiment Classification Through Input Space Translation
    Khan, Zaid, and Fu, Yun
    In ACM Conference on Multimedia 2021
  2. ACM FAccT
    One Label, One Billion Faces: Usage and Consistency of Racial Categories in Computer Vision
    Khan, Zaid, and Fu, Yun
    In ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency 2021
    Families In Wild Multimedia (FIW MM): A Multi-Modal Database for Recognizing Kinship
    Robinson, Joseph P., Khan, Zaid, Yin, Yu, Shao, Ming, and Fu, Yun
    arXiv:2007.14509 [cs] 2021


  1. IEEE FG
    Recognizing Families in the Wild (RFIW): The 4th Edition
    Robinson, J. P., Yin, Y., Khan, Z., Shao, M., Xia, S., Stopa, M., Timoner, S., Turk, M. A., Chellappa, R., and Fu, Y.
    In 2020 15th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2020) (FG) 2020